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From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful horse.  Words can’t really describe what I want to say but I know you know what’s in my heart knowing Moxie as well as you do.

She is an *angel* and we are really looking forward to getting up each morning to go greet her and start the day.  She is the kind of horse you want to be around and I have honestly not had that feeling since I was a little girl.  I feel like Moxie is who we have been waiting and praying for and can’t tell you how grateful we are she’s here.

Christy (our natural horsemanship trainer) was here yesterday and they spent time with Moxie just hanging out, making sure she stood still, stretching, etc.  I want you to know how blown away Christy is with Moxie.  She was so impressed with all the work you guys have done with her through the years and said that Moxie is where she hopes her clients’ horses might one day end up.  She loves her and said that Moxie is a perfect example of starting a horse right!

Just wanted to share some of the things I’ve been thinking and feeling and, above all, want to thank you for choosing us to bring her home :) 

Hillary and Caitlin Rose, Colorado

Zophia Raleigh, Lisa Kroll, Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, Gracefull Moxie, Winners Circle MN Champ Show

I had the pleasure of growing up with horses, but life brought me on a different journey for several years. My daughters inherited the “must be with horses” gene and we searched for many months for a safe and excellent horse that they could grow up with. We had multiple shopping experiences at other breeders, and three visits to Kroll Performance Horses. Lisa made buying a horse extremely easy for us; she listened, and helped us make the best decision for our situation. Lisa has helped us learn how to be passionate about our favorite hobby, she has taught us what it is like to love training our horse and to be patient for the best results.

As a mom, I highly recommend Lisa and her training style to work with children; I trust her completely with my daughters and would recommend her to anyone wanting help to make their dreams come true. Lisa, having raised two wonderful children of her own, understands how to communicate with young people; they respect her, because she respects them, their horses, the training process, and the individual personalities.

The horses at Kroll Performance Horses are by far some of the best options available in the Midwest; coupled with business integrity you just don’t see anymore. Honesty and commitment gets delivered far and beyond expectations. The communication throughout our journey together was impeccable.

Lisa understands bloodlines, horse movement and most importantly, she doesn’t use gadgets or a heavy hand to train a horse. We have personally watched her work with several horses that were brought to her barn that had been in the wrong training programs for their personalities and seen her turn them around and helped them regain self confidence, proper movement and become winners in the show ring for both Western Pleasure and English.

If you have any concerns or questions, Lisa is very approachable and honest. Lisa can be trusted with your horse, your safety and your dream. I did.

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, Minnesota

I am forever thankful for this beautiful girl! She made all my dreams come true and helped me along the way. I could've never accomplished the same with anyone else. She made this year wonderful and I could've never done it without her. Also thanks to the Kroll Performance Horses for having Bubbles, Ida, and Delilah and letting us take them home and become part of the family! I love you Bubblez May.

Erika Nikolai, Minnesota

Lisa Kroll at Kroll Performance Horses has been a blessing in our lives. We were lucky enough to have been referred to her when our daughter started to get a little more serious about riding and wanted to move from casual riding to showing competitively in pleasure. We knew we needed to get a horse that could compete at the level we wanted to achieve and Kroll Performance Horses has excellent quality horses for all disciplines. Lisa has extensive knowledge of bloodlines and breeding and it's clearly visible in the young horses she has available. Additionally, she took the time to get to know our daughter and her style and carefully matched a horse to her. We couldn't be happier at the team they are becoming. It is an absolute joy to watch them develop together.Lisa is very dedicated to helping you reach your goals and she has the knowledge and skills to help you be successful. Lisa is very professional but also makes you feel like part of the family. Being a mom, she understands kids and has a wonderful way of connecting with them to encourage their best. We look forward to a long partnership with Lisa and Kroll Performance Horses. Thank you Lisa!!

Nancy Boryczka, Minnesota

An update from Breezy! My girl, Hannah, has been teaching me to jump. I'm not always coordinated with small jumps. They tell me I jump the two foot kind pretty well. I rarely refuse to go over a jump and I always keep my girl safe. I've had a stomach ache for a few months now and have lost weight, but they say I have an ulcer and they give me medicine that helps me feel better. They say I can go to some shows this summer. I don't know about that, but I'm sure my girl won't steer me wrong. I sent a picture of myself going over my first jump in August. I know I'm in pretty good form-I'm a natural! The second picture of me is when I had to teach a little girl how to ride and she came out of the saddle-I didn't know what she was doing, so I just stopped right away because I didn't want her to fall off of me - Love, Breezy ;)

Anita Schwenke, Minnesota

Kroll Performance Horses, New Richmond, Wisconsin.  Proudly serving Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

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Specializing in AQHA performance horses. We breed, raise and train pleasure, english, dressage, reiners, cutters, penning horses, trail horses etc. Weanlings to aged show horses for sale.