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Equine Rehabilitation Programs Customized For Your Needs

Is your horse needing to be evaluated to ensure their health and performance is at their best?

Horses are much like athletes; they require training, conditioning, nutrition and recovery to perform at their absolute best. Unfortunately, some horses experience accidents, injuries, are left out of balance, in pain, malnourished, and broken-down. Worse yet, some of these horses are so broken-down that some trainers don’t recognize these symptoms and try to force performance which in essence makes the performance even worse, and they end up being brought to the sale barn, left to pasture, and never given a second glance to feel better and do the job they are trained for.

Luckily, horses are never secretive about their health or condition. Horses give us every opportunity to tell if they’re in pain, sick, frustrated and “out of whack”. Whether they throw their head up to tell us they have a sore back end, or they’re behavior is exhibiting fear and disrespect, we are sure to know there’s a problem.

Lisa has a lifetime of experience working with horses. Her ability to quickly hone in on a horses strength and weaknesses is just one of her many gifts. In addition to her success as a trainer, breeder and business owner, Lisa’s hidden gem of a talent is equine rehabilitation. Lisa has personally rehabbed well over a dozen horses; from your basic trail horses all the way up to champion show horses.

Lisa offers clients a three step solution to rehab any horse:                 

1) Evaluate- every horse and every situation is uniquely different. Whether it’s a horse that is nutritionallyimbalanced or in severe pain, each requires a different plan of action. Lisa examines their movement, attitude and does a hands-on evaluation of the horse’s physical and behavioral needs. In addition we also take the time to review any vet records that may be on file for your horse. We leave no stone unturned when evaluating the health and wellness of your horse.

2) Create a customized program- once the initial evaluation has been completed, we use a variety of methods to complete the rehabilitation process: Chiropractic work, energy work, massage, supplements, natural medicine, homeopathic remedies, dentistry, ferrier- corrective shoeing, stretching, conditioning, flexibility, correct ulcer issues, and gastrointestinal remedies. If necessary we also use deep laser therapy and shockwave therapy for areas in need of deeper, more extensive treatment. Lisa customizes the program to fit the horse every step of the way, and understand how to change and adapt according to the horses individual progress.  Lisa works as a complete team with the best professionals in the business that focus on a specific area of rehabilitation to achieve the best results for the horses in the program.

3) Implement- Each quarter Lisa will take in one donated rehab horse to treat. Once we have customized the rehab program specific to your horse’s needs, Lisa will begin her thought-out and detailed plan.

Our main goal at Kroll Performance Horses is to see that great horses are given a second chance to perform to the best of their abilities. Success for us it to take on a broken-down horse, ready to be sold at auction, and return them to their full potential; either in a show ring or a lesson horse it has the potential to be.

If you have a horse you would like to donate to the quarterly rehab sessions, please click HERE to fill out an application.

Pricing for this consulting or service with our boarding facility is based on the horse’s needs, their recovery time and the amount of time Kroll Performance Horses needs to spend in recovery.  We customize a program that works with the horses, the owners and Kroll Performance Horses.


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