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Services Offered by Kroll Performance Horses

AQHA training:  Quiet, consistent and patient...

Lisa’s training methods are quiet, consistent and patient. She doesn't rely on artificial training devices, instead works naturally with the horse to achieve a mount that is soft mouthed, confident, that enjoys being ridden and is eager to please it's rider.

English and Western Pleasure Horse Training

In order to successfully train a pleasure horse, you must first pick the right kind of horse. Your training can improve any kind of horse, but to end up with a competitive pleasure horse you need to start with great “raw material”. When the genetics, conformation, ability and temperament are all present in one individual Pleasure show horse prospect, the job of the trainer is made much easier. Then the job of trainer becomes not so much to develop the young horse as to not to spoil what is already there!

There is no substitute for spending time with the horse. This means time training them and riding them, but it also means taking time to see that he is well cared for and is contented. Contented horses are relaxed horses and a relaxed, happy horse is more likely to become a horse show winner.

Lisa and Brittany like customers to come and share their goals — taking time to understand the customers expectations. From full-time training, to tune-ups, Lisa and Brittany work not only on your horse, but also on the riders skills. Once the initial training is underway, Lisa and Brittany will help both you and your horse connect and become a well balanced team. From training to finding the right horse that you get along with personally — Lisa and Brittany can help every step of the way. For more information, or to discuss your unique goals, give Lisa a call.

English and Western Pleasure Riding Lessons

Riders that learn to be good mechanics themselves are always going to be pretty successful. It’s not totally about winning and losing, it’s about getting to stay and play the game with consistent results.

Lessons include exercises to enhance your horse’s movement. These exercises will increase your horse’s flexibility and length of stride, improve your horse’s lift and balance adding to the quality of movement in the lope and the trot. Clean up your transitions, as well as valuable exercises to sharpen up your horse’s reining responses.

You will also learn how to improve your seat and leg cues to enhance your performance and show ring presentation. Learn how your seat and leg movement can affect your horse’s movement, how your legs help steer the horse and how collection creates a beautiful movement. Create a competitive strategy while showing your horse. Learn to sharpen your overall presentation. “In order to achieve balance and perfection from your horse, you must be equally balanced with beat, rhythm and flow as a rider". We will help you improve your riding and showmanship skills and therefore improve your horses performance.

One of the keys to Kroll's training program is teaching riders to understand why a horse responds or resists. Lisa and Brittany give clear, concise demonstrations, making it easy to see how to turn “wrong” into “right” and produce a horse that responds like a Cadillac, instead of a rusty old Model T.

Show Coaching

Upbeat and positive — Lisa and Brittany Kroll believes in keeping shows fun and positive and good sportsmanship.

Show coaching, training and schooling will help give you the winning edge at horse shows. No matter what your level you will enjoy showing and riding with us. The true measure of a rider’s and horse’s ability is competition.

Horse shows are one of the best forms of competition in that they offer some measure of controlled evaluation and reward for excellent performance. We recommend and provide services which are based on the abilities and level of experience of the horse and rider combination.  We receive glowing results from our team members and their performance is consistently improved upon.

We believe It has to be a great atmosphere, even if that customer didn't place in the ribbons that weekend, he or she can go home and think, we learned a lot...and had a lot of fun. No matter how good we are ...we’re gonna have great weekends and not so good weekends. But you can have a positive ending to that show whether it’s success in the show pen, or that you were able to work through a situation and fix a problem with your horse. At the end of the show, you should feel good.

Kroll Performance Horses, New Richmond, Wisconsin.  Proudly serving Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

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Specializing in AQHA performance horses. We breed, raise and train pleasure, english, dressage, reiners, cutters, penning horses, trail horses etc. Weanlings to aged show horses for sale.