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Looking for a fresh approach with your AQHA horses?

People love commitment. Horses need commitment. That’s why we provide the full package at Kroll Performance Horses, from the rider’s earliest aspirations to the horse’s final show.

As a family owned and operated company, we are here for you and your horse every step of the way to help make your dreams come true, whether it’s to find the right match, to sharpen your skills, or to bring home the blue ribbon. Our involved and dedicated approach supports both you and your horse as you reach your potential, and we are happy to be a part of that journey with you.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Kroll Performance Horses exists to serve both horses and their riders in a trusting, balanced, and professionalenvironment so they can accomplish their goals and live out their potential.

The vision of Kroll Performance Horses is to breed, train, and develop nationally recognized AQHA show horses and riders with respect, integrity, and hard work. Kroll values are based on commitment, balance and trust.

How the Dream Began

Lisa was only three years old when she was given a horse of her own. Just like her mom and countless generations before her, Lisa grew up raising and training horses. This family’s way of life and their deep love for horses gave Lisa the desire to show her horses at a young age. It was Lisa’s mom who made that dream come true by hauling her all over the country, showing horses each weekend, coaching her and encouraging her at every step of the way. It is this beautiful example of deep commitment, knowledge, and support that inspired Kroll Performance Horses to help others in pursuit of their dreams.

A Group of Greatness

As a family owned and operated company, Kroll Performance Horses is able to directly serve each horse and each rider in an intimate, yet professional setting.  To learn more about the Kroll Family, click here.

Our 2015 Team Goals

Our team consistently supports one another, this January we all met to talk about what we each want to set as individual horse show goals.  It became apparent to our group that we have common desires and identified several group goals we wanted to achieve.  We thought it was important to share what we have collectively set our course for: 
**Fun always!
**Help each other
**Be raving fans of one another
**NO drama
**Masters of all we choose
**Exceptional Sportsmanship
**Stewards to our equine family
**Set new fashion trends
**Be on time and organized
**Be appreciative, we are doing what we love

We are looking forward to seeing all our friends at horse shows in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, please stop by and say hi!


Kroll Performance Horses, New Richmond, Wisconsin.  Proudly serving Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Phone: 715.246.5700  Cell: 612.328.3143  Fax: 715.246.2444  eMail:

Specializing in AQHA performance horses. We breed, raise and train pleasure, english, dressage, reiners, cutters, penning horses, trail horses etc. Weanlings to aged show horses for sale.